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Pitch, work with Volkswagen China on a new concept to inspire and help foster a generation of innovators.

Brief & Insight

Last year Volkswagen launched “Peoples Car Originals” enabling China to create its own dream car. How can we take that further with a focus on innovation.

Insight: Everyone loves to see the dreamer make it, especially in a country built from first generation wealth, from dreamers.


From home made submarines to floating dogs, China’s innovators are flourishing online. Once seen as oddities in their small towns for going against the grain, now they sometimes break through to national adoration.

Sometimes is where we come in. Using social listening, a flying film crew and the power of VW we will find the rebels, celebrate them and let our audience decide which dreamers make it.


From 15 agencies we then made it to the last 2. C’est la vie.

Concept One: Blog style, focus on cool and trending stories.


Concept Two: Responsive, episodic design, focused on human interest stories.


Concept One: Enlarged


Concept Two: Enlarged


Concept Two: Mobile



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